Exercise After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Many people ask if they are able to exercise after wisdom teeth removal? As each wisdom tooth extraction procedure is different, the time between your extraction and starting to exercise again will depend on how you feel.

Note: It is highly likely that immediately following your wisdom teeth removal you will not want to exercise simply due to the pain and discomfort you will be experiencing.



How long until I can exercise after wisdom teeth removal?

It is common for people to wait for a minimum of 2 days before they start exercising again. A lot will depend on how you are feeling and how easily the wisdom tooth removal procedure went.

If the extraction was relatively easy with minor complications then some people are able to exercise within 2 days.

If the surgery was complex and there is a lot of swelling, then avoiding exercise for a week is a more realistic expectation. Check out swelling after wisdom teeth removal


What risks are there to exercising too early?

The biggest risk involved with exercising is that depending on the exercise, you may dislodge or aggravate the blood clot in your gum. This will set back your recovery time each time this happens.

As you will be unable to eat normal food after wisdom teeth removal, you will not have the same level of energy that you would normally have when hitting the gym. This will leave you susceptible to becoming light headed and increases the chances that you may collapse or faint.

If you exercise in a gym and are on pain relief medication, ensure that it is non-drowsy medication. The reason f0r this is that you may cause yourself or others injury due to the drowsy effects of the drugs.


Are there some good exercise routines I should start with?

The best exercise after wisdom teeth removal is walking at a light pace. Walking is low impact compared with many other exercises and is unlikely to cause dislodgement of your blood clot.

Avoid strenuous or high impact exercises like heavy weight lifting or running.


Pain during exercise

If you experience pain or dizziness during exercise – stop immediately.

Depending on the severity of the pain – either sit down and rest, or contact a medical professional.

Note: If you start to taste blood, then it is likely you have reopened the blood clot in your gum where you wisdom teeth removed. You should immediately discontinue any more exercise.


Mouth pain after exercise

Mouth pain after exercise is a sign that you have pushed too hard. Ensure you rest for a while until the pain has reduced.

The next time you exercise try to take it easier until you are sure you have fully recovered.


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