Wisdom Teeth Recovery Time

Something everyone who has had or is about to have their wisdom teeth removed wants to know is – what is the recovery time after wisdom teeth removal?


Everyone is different when it comes to recovery time. A lot has to do with how difficult the procedure was and how many teeth were being removed.
There are multiple stages of recovery when it comes to wisdom teeth removal.

Initial Recovery

This covers the first week of recovery after your wisdom teeth removal. Most bleeding will cease within a few hours after the teeth have been removed. For more information on bleeding please check out taking care of your mouth.

General soreness and swelling around the jaw and gums is normal and will last for a couple of days. For most people this should subside within the first week and if it doesn’t you may have to return to your dentist.

One of the first things you will notice once the bleeding stops and you start to want to eat food is that your jaw will be unable to open very far. This is due to the damage sustained to your jaw muscles while the dentist had your mouth open. This will also gradually get better with each passing day. Due to your lack of jaw mobility you will be restricted in what foods you can eat for the next few days.

Note: It is important not to over stretch your jaw as this may disrupt the healing process. It is also important to eat the correct foods as there are a number of problems which can arise after wisdom teeth extraction surgery which can lead to significant patient pain.

By the end of the first week most people will be able to continue normal activities without any further disruption to their daily routines.


Complete Recovery

Despite most people being able to go about their normal lives one week after the wisdom tooth extraction there are some things which will continue to impact on you for up to a month. If you were provided stitches to close the hole in your gum then you will need to continue chewing carefully until the wound is fully healed.

If you did not get stitches then the biggest problem will be food getting caught in your gum where the wisdom tooth used to be. Any food that gets caught in the gum needs to be removed as leaving it in the gum will increase the chance of infection and will slow down the time it takes to heal.

If food is getting caught in your gum then you can try swishing warm salt water in your mouth in and attempt to dislodge the food. Should this not work then you may require an oral irrigator – See below for different types of oral irrigators



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